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The most trusted source for child care in Lewiston, New York. Our child care specialists have the right attitude and have been properly trained  to ensure a safe environment and a warm experience for your child.

About Us

We are two 15 year old girls who attend Lewiston-Porter High School who love to be around and interact with kids. This program is set up to provide an affordable babysitting service in which each child will experience a safe, fun, and creative time.   

Suhana (pictured on the left) and Elaina (pictured on the right)


1-2 kids: $9.00 per hour 
3-4 kids: $10.00 per hour
5 kids: $11.00 per hour


- Preferably toilet trained
- Must be from the ages of 3-10

Activities Offered 
(will include but are not limited to)

- Painting, drawing, origami, and arts and crafts
- Outdoor games (will vary depending on weather outside)
- Homework help

*These activities will vary according to child's interests


We will get back to you as soon as possible!
In the message section above, please include your address and date/time of needing babysitting services. You will be sent an additional form to fill out about your child/children and a confirmation email following contacting us.